Yellow and Black, swim in schools, only catchable on or near the dead bottom

I’ve been chasing those rascals for over 50 years … have talked to many (way too many) old fishermen who fish for sport and claim to know how to catch perch. I’ve fished in so many fisheries in the world I’d hate to count them all; tried everything from little gold hooks to corn meal chum, minnows, red worms, night crawlers, maggots, jigs and everything in between. I’m an Ohio Master Angler and Contributing

Author to several fishing magazines and sites including

Best Fishing in America
for our article on Perch Fishing including a variety of baits to Great Lakes Angler

Along the way, One old fella I met came up with the secret. I’ve adapted it, refined it, tuned it and used it … and packaged it up and called it my Perch Kit. Guess what? It works every time!

Ever since then, I can take my family and friends out in our boat on Lake Erie or any fresh water body of water and angle in the middle of a huge pack of boats “Perching”. When things are going well, everybody slams the Perch and finishes up our 30 limit in a couple of hours. So do we. When things are tough though, they’ll pick one or two an hour. I’ll limit out in a couple of hours. Doesn’t matter. My  Perch Kit System Works! Here’s some pics of the old Perch Expert and family. Our few hours on the water produced these including 2 Fish Ohio (13 inch +) and dozens of 10 + inchers in 2006 and even larger in 2015. Take note of the beer bottle and beer can in pics to give a perspective on size. Catches like these keep our freezers stocked with perch over the long Northern Winters.




The Ole Perch Fisherman and son Mark. Same guys 9 years later. Daughter Laura joined in this time. Same Kit. Same Results. Can you find the 2.5 pounder in the pic? Its there. If not, just chalk it up to lots of jumbos.

Perch on Right was 9 incher. On left is 14.5 incher 2.5 lbs. Would have been Ohio State record if it had been turned in. Caught by Laura Sept 2015 in Ashtabula, Ohio with “Perch Kit”

We recently added some video of a fishing trip in late 2013. 3 of us went to a spot we had never fished before. There were no other boats around to “lead us” to potential hot spots. We just threw down the Perch Kit and 3 hours later we started home with our limit of 90 – all in the 8 to 13 inch size. There are two videos to watch: Start of Trip and End of Trip. Enjoy.


 Free Tips on Perch Fishing

There’s not a lot to catching perch if you just want to go out and have a good time once in awhile. But, if you want to be serious about it, there’s a lot you can learn and apply. Here’s a few of my favorite tips. If you get the kit, there will be even more.

are fresh water fish found mostly in fisheries in the great lakes

can be caught in any depth of water, but normally in the bottom 5% of the depths

are schoolers, that is, they normally travel in groups … and they do travel from place to place but normally within a fairly close proximity of “home”

bite all year long and at any time of the day

can turn “off” and “on” several times a day but can be made to feed all day long if nurtured properly

are heavy feeders and when hungry or baited properly, produce heavy strikes

use the lightest tackle possible – around 4 to 6 lb line with #8 hooks, ultra light reel

stiff rods work better than flimsy rods, allowing you to “set the hook” stronger

set the hook firmly but not so hard as to jerk the hook out of their mouths … their mouths are not a bony and strong as larger prey and it is easy to rip the hook. If you let it sit awhile after a small wiggle, you may even catch a double header!

are attracted by color, flashes … anything to catch their eye from afar and bring them to the boat

Now, if you really want to get serious about catching perch there are many more nuances you can learn. Plus, there’s a sure fire way to dramatically increase your catch. I’ve shared my secret technique with my friends and they all catch more perch. So, I decided to share this secret technique with as many people as I can … as long as I can cover the expenses for this web site and the material. So, I came up with the cost of $17.95 and for that I’ll send you the Perch Kit. Here’s what you’ll get:

 Plans on the construction of some equipment that’s required to extend your Perch Catch

 A “How to Use” Manual that details exactly how to make it work for you

 Instructions on Bait and Baiting

 Optionally, my E-book on Detailed Perch Info and Advanced Techniques is available for another $5. Real hands-on stuff you can use – info accumulated by meeting with some of the best fishermen in the world on how to catch more fish and Perch in specific.

GUARANTEE: I promise you’ll catch more Perch, bigger Perch, in almost any conditions. If they’re around, you’ll catch them. If you don’t catch more Perch than before with my secret techniques, let me know and I’ll send you your money back, no questions asked. It just aint worth it to me to have grumpy fisherman out there in my lake. By the Way, To Date, as of May 2009 when this site was last updated, only One customer has ever asked for their money back! And, that’s because they fish in a body of water 5 feet deep with a 10 knot current and wanted to know how to improve their catch! We had a banner years in 2007-2009 with Perch Kits flying off the shelves. Thanks to all of you who ordered and thanks for Visiting. As my father used to say, “Tight Lines, Everybody!”.

Additionally, this website contains many cross links and may cause Microsoft and others to display a warning about potential phishing. This is not for Perch. This is for collecting personal information. This site does not phish or pfish (no pun intended) – it is all about fishing and only asks for personal information when you order.